PC – Gothic 3

Download 100% Save for PC – Gothic 3 2006 and Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition


  1. Download savegame file;
  2. Extract it from .7z archive;
  3. Copy Save folder to possible savegames folder location;
  4. Make backup of your save before adding!

Example of savegame folder location

  • Example – C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Gothic3

  • Description – Main game not completed for 100%. Money ~ 200.000. A lot of quests done. Neutral reputation with everybody, so you can choose side to support. Character LVL 50. Good armor and weapons (melee and range). Balanced skills and no failed quests.
  • Testing – Save works well with old and new version of the game. For Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition – Turn OFF Alternative Balancing!
  • Cheats – Not used
  • Author – i74eRtcZ

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