PC – Outward

Download 100% PC Savegame for Outward 2019


  1. Download savegame file;
  2. Extract it from .7z archive;
  3. Copy save to possible savegames folder location;
  4. Make backup of your save before adding!

  • Non Steam – C:\Program Files\Outward\SaveGames\
  • Steam – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Outward\SaveGames\

  • Description – Exclusive for SaveGame.Pro! Player located in Berg, house in Cierzo saved, have good items: Mefino’s Trade Backpack with 110 weight, armor Elite plate set and Master Trader Set, War Bow, Tower Shield, Luxury Tent, Cooking Pot and Alchemy Kit placed in Berg + have 6000 silver in Cierzo. Cheats or Trainers was not used for 100%
  • Author – SaveGame.Pro


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