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PC – Resident Evil: Village

Download 100% Completed Savegame File for – PC – Resident Evil 8: Village 2021


  1. Download savegame file;
  2. Extract it from .7z archive;
  3. Copy save files to possible savegames location;
  4. Make a backup of your save before adding!

Example of the savegame folder location

  • C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\EMPRESS

  • Description – The game is 100% completed. Save #1. Difficulty Level – Casual. Save #2 NG+ (Difficulty level Village of Shadows unlocked.)
  • Author – FennEX & B e s i k

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4 months ago

only one save ? I would’ve expected saves for all parts of the game

4 months ago
Reply to  SaveGame.Pro

please give instruction on how to put the save files

Galo Galoso
Galo Galoso
4 months ago

I got Russian language. Please, say to us how to revert it.

Galo Galoso
Galo Galoso
4 months ago

I managed it: On main menu, from the top to the bottom::

4th option;
now 6th opton;
change the 2nd option to your language.
change the rest.

Guys, do you have DLC?
Some weapons are not fully upgraded ( I don’t know if there’s DLC weapons)
Please, clarify.